Looking for that perfect pair of glasses?

Choosing glasses should be fun!

Our experienced team, guided by our four fully qualified dispensing opticians, always takes the time and trouble to understand your needs and then offer expert advice and honest recommendations to help you find that perfect pair of glasses.  

Expert advice after your eye examination

Our optometrists work very closely with our dispensing team and they ensure that their advice and recommendations to you are passed on to their dispensing colleagues.  This is why we believe it is best to have your eye examination and glasses made by us.  We will give you tailormade advice but that doesn’t mean suggesting you need the most expensive lenses on the market.  We advise you on lens options for the varied situations you face whether at work, home or play.  And we always have enough options so that we can find something that fits your budget. 

We promise to help you to

  • Look Good
  • Feel Great
  • See Clearly

Collecting your new glasses

You will be given an appointment with one of our dispensing opticians so you won’t be kept waiting for long and more importantly so that we can check the final fit is perfect for you.  Our fully qualified dispensing opticians have years of experience in making sure your glasses fit properly.  We will check the fit when you chose the frames and check again when you collect them. We will happily make any small adjustments you may need for the lifetime of the frame.

And after all of that if anything goes wrong….we promise to put it right. With a smile!