Spectacle lenses

Single vision lenses

Most common in use with spectacle wearers below 40-45 years of age, these tend to be the standard type of lens fitted. Lenses can be clear or tinted, have coatings for driving or screen use. For those with more complicated prescriptions we can provide thinner and lighter lenses.

Bifocal lenses

Generally worn by people who require a single solution for both close work and distance. A variety of types can be supplied to ensure the most appropriate solution for your own needs, but also to ensure that your chosen frames can best suit the lens type and combination. A small line is visible separating the near and distance lens components.

Progressive lenses

A sophisticated lens type which combines near and distance vision requirements into a single lens (with no visible line). Very easy to move to from a standard single vision lens – or when separate reading and distance glasses have been used in the past. 

There are progressive lenses that are tailormade for work or home use for those of us who spend an increasing amount of our day staring at screens.  These lenses can ease all those frustrations of tired eyes and sore necks.  Ask us about the best lens for your lifestyle. 

All lens types can benefit from a range of surface treatments which are applied before the lens is fitted into the chosen frame. This can include anti-scratch coatings, anti-reflection coatings and tints.

In addition, there are specific types of lenses which offer particular benefits and opportunities including: impact-resistant lenses (for sport or work-related activities); UV lenses (to reduce glare); polarised lenses (for sunglasses) and lenses that adjust automatically to sunlight and lower light conditions.