Trust us to look after your eyes

Give your eyes some TLC

Your eye examination is a really important part of your visit to our practice, but it should never feel daunting.  Our optometrists will put you at ease and you will soon see that we take a great deal of time to listen to any concerns and understand any visual problems you may have.  You will have every opportunity to tell us about your vision and your lifestyle.  We take the time to find out about you so that we can offer the most effective solutions for your visual requirements.  

We’re using the latest technology including an OCT to examine your eyes thoroughly and safely.  We will make sure your vision is as good as it can be and reassure you that your eyes are healthy.  

We often hear new patients tell us that they have previously felt as if they were on a conveyor belt when having their eyes tested.  At A&G Marshall Optometrists, we promise to give you the time you need.  At the end of the examination we will explain our findings and offer you the very best recommendations suited to you.