Contact Lenses

Soft Contacts

By far and away the most common type of contact lens worn today. Great for sports activities, daily and also occasional wear, they provide wearers with tremendous freedom such as the ability to wear non-prescription sunglasses.

Daily Disposables

Since these lenses are designed to be worn once daily and then thrown away, they are great for busy individuals who do not have time for the normal soft lens regime of cleaning, disinfecting and storing. Also suitable for occasional wear.

Regular Replacement

Perhaps the most cost-effective lens type is the planned replacement lens. Often, this will be a two-week or monthly cycle where the lens is removed every day and stored overnight.  These lenses are well suited for addressing astigmatism issues.

Continuous Wear

Sometimes referred to as extended wear lenses, wearers can actually sleep in them and remove and replace them only once every 30 days. Specially constructed to permit enough oxygen to reach the eyes, they also require no storage regime.

Rigid Lenses

These lenses can take a little longer to get used to and initially are not as comfortable, but they have the advantage of not needing to be replaced as regularly as soft lenses. They are also suitable for a much larger range of prescription types.

We have been fitting Acuvue lenses since we opened in 1992 and we happily continue to recommend their products. Here is a link to their very informative Acuvue Contact Lenses website. Have a look if you want any information about contact lenses.